Kommando Kant

Big city stories, explored from a small town perspective – that‘s what Kommando Kant excell at. Their musical foundation is based in the sound of mid nineties North-American indie rock, beefed up with the rousing guitar pop that dominated the german alternative music of the aughts. To make things more interesting, Kommando Kant mix in the signature gruffness of the western shore of northern Germany – this is where there small-town-roots kick in.

Founded in 2012, Kommando Kant released their debut record “Ziehen Sie ‘ne Nummer” in 2016 on Berlin based record company Motor Entertainment, produced by Hauke Albrecht (Leoniden, Captain Planet, Turbostaat). They spent the following years playing gigs all around Germany – while also recording their followup. Production of the second record came to a screetching halt in the beginning of 2019, when drummer Jannis Reiher left the band.

After months of stasis Björn Albertsen, André Kurberg and Marius Magaard came finally back to life. With Lilian Stenzel they not only found a versatile new bandmember, but also fresh energy and motivation for an exciting new decade.

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