John Van Deusen

John Van Deusen is the singer and guitar player of former band The Lonely Forest who released four albums; their most successful opus “Arrows” (2011) was produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie). “(I Am) Origami Pt. I – The Universal Sigh” is Van Deusen’s first solo album to be released via DevilDuck Records.

His songs are full of great melodies and contagious warmth, they are about failed relationships and the finding of oneself. “Anyone who has known me over the years knows that I’ve repeatedly been the bad guy in a lot of my relationships “The Universal Sigh” is kind of about that.” This debut is the first out of the “(I Am) Origami” series. It is an ambitious project: van Deusen wrote four albums within the last two years while travelling and plans to release each part in a short amount of time. The third —and main— part will be released in Europe and Canada via DevilDuck Records and via the legendary label Tooth & Nail in the US.

Not only is he a talented and accomplished song-writer but his unique voice earned him the name of “best male vocalist” in Seattle by Seattle Weekly. It’s thus no wonder why he’s been one of KEXP’s favourite artists for several years, now.

May he be playing solo or accompanied by a band, John van Deusen’s live performances are always breathtaking. His storytelling, the raw emotions barely contained by his incredible voice allied to his quirkiness and easy friendliness make for a one of a kind experience.


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