Dangers of the Sea

Andreas Bay Estrup – mastermind of the band – ones dreamt of a musical carrier as a jazz drummer which he studied in Kopenhagen, Amsterdam and New York. So he just wanted to play drums and nothing else, but sometimes things are changing and so he began to write his own songs. He was also looking for a band which can play these and found some friends and well experienced musicians who have band in popular danish bands as Saybia (Jess Jensen), Slaraffenland (Mike Juel Taagehøj), Folkeklubben (Rasmus Jusjong) and Efterklang (Frederik Teige) – that made Estrup change to play guitar as well as he didn’t want to be a singing drummer.

In 2011 they played their first gigs as Dangers of the Sea, played famous Roskilde Festival in 2012 and released the self-titled debut album with influences from 60’s and 70’s folk rock especially the brilliant harmonies and acoustic guitar work. In combination with Estrup’s soft voice they were compared to the likes of Midlake and CSN (=Crosby/Stills/Nash) – the band sees their biggest influence in Neil Young…

Over the last couple of years Estrup and his band worked on the new album which in the end was released about 5 (!) years after the debut and is called „Our Place In History“ – to the band this one feels a little nit like a reset even Estrup is still writing all the songs and lyrics, but the arrangements more and more are being done by all members.

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